Types of Modeling

There are modeling opportunities for people of all shapes and sizes. Which category do you fit into?

  • High fashion modeling
  • Glamour modeling
  • Petite modeling
  • Plus size modeling
  • Teen modeling
  • Mature modeling
  • Body part modeling (hand modeling, etc.)
  • Male modeling
  • Character or oreal peopleo modeling

In addition to fashion, models are also needed to advertise a wide variety of products and services - from cars to food. As a model your work may involve:

  • Runway modeling
  • Catalog modeling
  • Showroom modeling
  • Fit modeling
  • Promotional (trade show) modeling
  • Television
  • Videos
  • Editorial (magazine and newspaper) modeling
  • Print advertisements

Modeling Tips

  • Skin care is very important to get your modeling career off the ground immediately whether you are a male or female. Make sure your skin is free of pimples and black marks.
  • Exercise is another important part of being a model (male or female). Its a constant battle between models of whose body is the best!
  • Proper nutrition is absolutely essential for a successful career in male modeling or female modeling. It is one of the most important aspect of being in top physical condition.
  • Do not go away with any agency you are approached from. Educate yourself on any agency that contacts you. A lot of hopeful models get scammed for hundreds of dollars by phony agencies. Don't let this happen to you.
  • To make it in the world of male modeling or female modeling you must have high levels of confidence! . Do not panic even under stressful conditions.
  • Confidence gives a person a glow when they are seen by others. When you see someone with confidence you are drawn to them. Charisma is what really draws people to you. It's all about your energy.
  • Male modeling and female modeling is all about pictures/images. You must learn how to take good pictures to make it to the top in modeling.
  • Sign up for male modeling or female modeling jobs sites, email your modeling pictures to as many modeling agencies as you can find.

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