Posted on: 07/12/2013

Freja:I Was A Biker Girl Aged Seven

FREJA BEHA ERICHSEN has always been as stylish as she is now. Known for her enviably insouciant,dishevelled aesthetic,she"s been proving her fashion credentials ever since she was a little girl. "I have been wearing a white T-shirt,black jeans and a biker jacket since I was six-years-old". "I was a little biker girl. I thought it was cool,everyone else thought it was really weird. The other little girls were all in these pretty dresses and my mum bought me this black,studded leather jacket,which I loved." The Danish,Roskilde-born model who stars on the cover of this month"s Vogue - grew up as a tomboy,always climbing trees and playing in the woods near her family home. She even carried a kit of tools with her for camp-building opportunities. "Being a tomboy worked to my advantage in fashion"."I"m known as the androgynous girl - I"ve used it in a way that works for me. I"ve never felt a pressure to change myself. I do own a few Rick Owens dresses - they"re more like long tank tops though." The August issue marks Beha Erichsen"s fourth appearance on the cover of Vogue and,despite the overt differences in cover styles that have seen her pose as a bride and also as a glittering party girl,she thinks that there is a commonality. "There is the same feeling to all of them"."They are quite different,but even with the wedding,you get the same thing - an upbeatness. The latest cover is just lovely. I rarely get to smile in editorials,so it"s nice to be able to do that. I love the happy tartan that I had to wear too." The brunette has modelled for nearly every desirable luxury brand you can think of - from Louis Vuitton and Chanel to Gucci and Balenciaga - but has taken a step back from the fashion limelight over recent seasons. She is still the face of Prada autumn/winter 2013-14,but has resisted the temptation of catwalk shows recently. "I"ve been spending a bit more time with my family". "I"ve been travelling around the UK,actually getting to see places. I"m so lucky that I am able to travel with work,but you don"t often get to experience them properly. It"s lovely to have the chance to hike in Scotland or tour Kent. I went to Deal for a few days recently,it was so beautiful. I just want to take a map,put my finger somewhere random and go there."However,her decision to streamline her working life doesn"t signify the start of an early retirement. Beha Erichsen"s face is sure to dominate many more billboards and catwalks in the future. "If I can carry on the way I am now,and still get time to spend with my family,then I"d be lucky to". "I want to carry on modelling for years to come."