Safety Guide for Models

Many people take advantage of models for their own needs and amusement. By taking necessary precautions, models will be able to stay safe while trying to move forward in their career.

Gather Information

There is never enough information to be found when preparing for a modeling shoot. This is especially true for modeling opportunities that are located in the newspaper and online. Models that are unfamiliar with the contact person or company in charge of the modeling opportunity should gather more information before meeting them. Ask questions and talk to other models about that particular opportunity.

Aspiring models who want more work should look for reputable modeling opportunities in fashion, film and television. There are many up and coming photographers and fashion designers who seek models to build their portfolio. However, many people pose as modeling professionals in order to lure vulnerable men, women and girls to their location.

Tell a Friend

Models should always let other people know where they are going. Give family and friends specific information about the modeling shoot. This information should include the details of the shoot, the name of the person who you are meeting and the exact location of where you are going. By doing so, others will be able to find you if you are in trouble or in need of help.

Telling friends and family has other levels of importance as well. Models that have delicate health conditions should always let someone know where they will be. If you need to be hospitalized in the middle of a shoot, a friend or family member will be able to assist you. It is also important to let people know where you are if you do not have a cellular phone or other forms of communication.

Bring a Guest

If you are going to be modeling for someone that you have not met before, it is best to bring a guest with you. Having a friend accompany you will ensure that you will remain in a safe environment. It may also ease any discomfort that you may have. Always question the photographer if he or she insists that you come to a shoot alone. That may be a sign that you should be cautious of meeting with them.

Pass it up

Models that are suspicious about a particular photographer or modeling gig should not go forward with any related work. There may be difficulties in landing steady modeling opportunities. However, safety is more important than completing a modeling gig. There are tons of opportunities for models at Magazine publications and promotional events. Modeling gigs will always be available. When maintaining a modeling career, it is important to keep yourself out of harm's way.

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