Posted on: 05/10/2013

Wu Yanhua fashion and catwalk model from Quanzhou

Wu Yanhua, whose English name is Ocean Wu,is a part-time fashion and catwalk model from Quanzhou city in Fujian. Wu is known for her waifish figure and her foreign beauty. Born on 10th February,Wu is 174cm in height,weighs 53kg. Aside from modeling,Wu has embarked on a career in performing,as a jazz dancer and an actress. She can also sing well,especially Kirk Franklin"s songs,as she finds that Kirk has many songs that are good for Jazz dancing. Wu likes to listen to popular music in her leisure time. Her favorite singer is Leehom Wang, a well-known American singer songwriter and record producer that is extremely popular in China for his good looks and attractive voice. Having been a model for five years,Wu dreams to be a designer who leads the fashion trend rather than just being a model.