Posted on: 10/03/2013

Femen protester on catwalk punched by model

Ukrainian feminist activist group Femen have continued their topless protests with an appearance at Nina Ricci"s show at Paris Fashion Week. Jumping onto the runway with "Model don"t go to brothel" and "Fashion dictaterror" painted across their chests,it was slightly unclear what the women were protesting against or why. However,it wouldn"t be the first time that they had merely taken issue with "the status quo". The model who they attempted to involve in their protest,Hollie-May Saker,demonstrated a complete lack of amusement . When challenged by a follower and reminded that we are supposedly "all on the same side",Saker replied that "If we are all on the same side then tell me why when I was doing my job did she come ruin it and lift up my skirt? Although it seems from the footage that Saker"s skirt was more the victim of crossfire than deliberately assaulted by Femen caught in a topless woman"s wrist as she attempted to raise an arm of solidarity with the model Saker clearly did not take kindly to having her job disrupted. "Have fun scrubbing that shit off your body bitch never been to a brothel in my life" she tweeted,having already considerably over-used the word "bitch". It"s fair to say that she won"t be signing up at the nearby Femen HQ,which moved last year to Paris,any time soon.