Posted on: 02/09/2013

What it takes for a model to get runway-ready, according to the NY Times

The hardest part is the hips, Michael Olajide Jr., a one-eyed former boxer who now trains runway models told the New York Times. He"s trained supermodels Iman, Linda Evangelista, Adriana Lima and about 15 models who are walking the runway now as part of the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. He"s the guy who gets those models ready to squeeze into the small sample sizes. His workouts include rapidly punching the air, jump-rope intervals, speed skating with one heel landing behind the opposite leg, and sweat, lots and lots of sweat. The workouts are tough and unique. Too many lunges and a woman"s will hips expand. Too many sit-ups and instead of being flat-bellied, she"ll look cut. Too much straining and she might grow wrinkles. The entire profile is fascinating and you can read it here. In the meantime, I"ll leave you with this one quote: "Like boxers, they have a performance weight and an everyday weight," he said of models. With each season, it can get harder to snap back to sample size. "It becomes: Will they allow themselves mentally to go to that level of discomfort? How hungry are they?" How hungry are they indeed.