Posted on: 05/27/2013

Sonia gets chance to model in New York

Nineteen year old Sonia Reynolds was looking forward to working in one of the world"s fashion capitals, New York. And at the time Sonia was still a comparative novice having only taken up modelling a little under a year previously. The Lough Road student had originally intended to become a fashion designer and studied A Level Art at St Michael"s College. But after being persuaded to enter two beauty contests and having done well in both her modelling career took off at a pace that even surprised Sonia.New York he contacted Sonia and offered her a month"s contract with the chance of more work abroad if things worked out satisfactorily. I could not take it in at first and I admit that I felt just a little apprehensive. But now I am looking forward to the trip and the work. I left school and decided to take time out from my studies to see how modelling would go.As it turned out things have gone much better than I could ever have hoped. It takes time to establish oneself in the business and going to New York means that I will have to start from scratch again. You have to learn to cope with heavy pressure and all the demands that at made on you. But I must admit that so far I have enjoyed the work.