Posted on: 02/07/2015

Changing the face of fashion: Model with vitiligo

Changing the face of fashion: Model with vitiligo stars in two major fashion campaigns 19-year-old Canadian model Winnie Harlow (real name Chantelle Young-Brown) is the star of two major spring/summer 2015 fashion campaigns. A sufferer of the skin pigment disorder vitiligo, Winnie is changing the face of fashion one campaign at a time. This week, she was unveiled as the face of Spanish brand Desiguals spring/summer 2015 campaign entitled Say Something Nice. She was also confirmed as their official brand ambassador. She also stars in Diesels SS15 ads, which aim to promote tolerance, equality and unconditional love. Winnie, a former Americas Next Top Model contestant, was diagnosed with vitiligo around the age of four. Growing up, she was bullied and called zebra and cow because of the white patches on her face and body. Shes since become a spokesperson for vitiligo � the same condition which is believed to have affected Michael Jackson � and has over 430,000 followers on Instagram. She says its a skin condition, not a life changer. Winnie believes things began to take off for her when she embraced her unique look and used it to her advantage. I loved myself. And with that, opportunities start to fall into my lap. And I thank God for all of them. Try loving yourself, she says. A spokesperson for Desigual said of their model spokeswoman: She is pure inspiration, a whirlwind of positive energy, an example of strength and achievement, who demonstrates that we are all special and can achieve what we set out to do.