Posted on: 10/17/2014

Fashion form guide: How to dress for the Spring

I always admire those women who turn up to the races, glossy from head to toe with impeccable hair and not a hint of skin shine. I"m � not one of those women. I"m more the kind who finishes getting ready in the cab. On the way. My fake tan is still fresh, hair is in a top knot and I paint my nails at the traffic lights (note, the driver does not appreciate this). While I hang my hands out the window, I"m hoping the wind will blowdry my bun so that it will somehow, magically shake into glossy waves, as though I"ve been to the hairdresser rather than rushing around trying to get the kids to grandma"s (Miss Three will always use these mornings as an example of how to put a toothbrush in a toilet while Miss One will choose today to eat crayons, natch). So I"m half dressed when I finally bolt out the door. This, of course, is not how to get ready for the R races. Because as every woman knows, Spring Racing is not about horses. It"s about the clothes we get to wear. Princess of the track Kate Waterhouse has been preparing for races season since she was a tot. "I used to get dressed with my mum every Saturday, even though I was too little to go," she says. "High heels, hats, the lot." To her, it"s all about the minute details (obviously, I take care of those in the cab, cough cough) and sticking to the rules. Yes, dress codes have broken down at almost every other event, but are refreshingly present at the races.