Posted on: 10/05/2016

Meet the Chanel Model Scouted at a Taylor Swift Co

We"ve all heard about models who were scouted on Instagram, while shopping in the local mall, or even chilling at McDonald"s. But every so often a girl is discovered in a truly offbeat place. Take, Kylie Vonnahme, who just walked this morning"s Chanel tech-extravaganza. The Texan"s career began while rocking out to "22" at a Taylor Swift show. Vonnahme went to the superstar"s Red Tour to celebrate her 16th birthday - but she never expected that night would set her on a path towards the business she"d always dreamed of joining. "Since middle school, I"ve wanted to work for a magazine or even for a designer. I always admired the hustle of the industry and knew it was a culture that I wanted to be a part of," says Vonnahme, who initially saw herself behind the scenes. "A scout approached me [at the concert] from New York. I signed a contract a few weeks later, and then began working in L.A. whenever I was on breaks from high school."