Posted on: 01/25/2016

The Fashion Blogger Who Started As a Model

Natalie Suarez, Model and Fashion Blogger Which came first, modeling or fashion blogging? I was one of the first fashion bloggers back in the day - I started my blog, Natalie Off Duty, in 2009, when I was 18 and had been modeling for a few years. Back then, it was just me documenting my life as a model behind the scenes. It didn"t become a full-on business till I signed with the social-media agency DBA. I work with them to pitch projects to brands and do sponsored photo shoots. Like, last summer I did this whole road trip with Teva where I drove through the South and ended up at Bonnaroo. I knew I wouldn"t be a model forever, but I thought, I don"t know, maybe Id be an accountant or something. I definitely fell into this business. Are you big on Instagram? I actually got to Instagram late because I had an Android! Now I have 220,000 followers. They love seeing things from above: these photos of lots of objects that are called "flat-lays." People love my travel flat-lays, like my passport and whatever else Im bringing on my next adventure. Ive definitely fallen off some chairs taking these photos. Anything for the shot!