Posted on: 01/12/2016

Top Irish model Eve Connolly says it"s tough

Top Irish model Eve Connolly says it"s tough to make friends in "cut-throat" fashion scene The 20-year-old has walked in Paris Fashion Week and is signed to four different agencies - City in Paris, Brave in Milan, FM in London and Distinct Model Management in Dublin, While the job certainly has its perks, Eve said nothing beats working at home. "My favourite place to work is Dublin because I know almost everyone here, so it"s like you"re working with your friends - but it"s not like that abroad," she said. "It"s just a lot more cut-throat abroad. The girls are all amazing, but no one really wants to be friends. "In general, there"s nowhere as good as Ireland to work. The people and the atmosphere are always so much fun," she added. The Kildare native took some time out after doing her Leaving Cert and has since decided to become an actress. "I"m in drama school at the moment, so I don"t have a lot of free time - but it"s what I love to do". "I"m hoping to graduate from drama school and hopefully start acting, but I want to continue modelling. Hopefully I can marry the two." While she spends her time jetting to different locations and attending some of the most glamorous fashion parties, Eve said there could be some downsides to the model life. "The worst thing about being a model is travelling by yourself, it can be really lonely".