Posted on: 03/26/2016

Is fashion ready for a 20st male model?

Last year Ashley Graham became a plus-size cover girl. Can Zach Miko, 6ft 6in and the first poster boy for bigger men, follow her lead? By Hilary Rose If Zach Miko told you he was a professional model, you might be surprised. No one, however, is more shocked than he is, for he is not your average model. He is 6ft 6in, almost 20st, a bear of a man, and a pioneer for the latest trend to sweep the modelling industry: plus-size male models. "I was surprised to be asked," he admits. "When youre my build, you dont ever think modelling is a possibility. But I dont take any offence at being called plus-size. Im a big guy, theres no denying it."