Posted on: 07/09/2016

Model gets Pound 75m record divorce payout

Model gets Pound 75m record divorce payout so she can keep "magical lifestyle" A former model has won Pound 75million from her billionaire ex in one of the countrys biggest divorce cases. Christina Estrada , 54, can now continue the lifestyle of "magical" luxury she got used to in her 12-year marriage to Saudi businessman Dr Sheikh Walid Juffali, 61. But the payout, the biggest divorce "needs award" in English legal history, is less than half the Pound 198million she had asked for, claiming it would have to meet costs including a Pound 60million London home and Pound 1million-a-year clothes bill. Juffali had offered her Pound 37million, describing her demands as "excessive", but she rejected it and got Pound 53million. The total settlement, including her own assets, is about Pound 75million, her lawyers said.