Posted on: 03/22/2014

Perth model no Belieber

Justin Bieber recently claimed he didn"t know if he had ever been to Australia but Perth model Anouska Freedman has a different story to tell about the pop star"s visit Down Under. The Baby hitmaker made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he wrapped up his Believe world tour in Perth in December,with his bodyguard being accused of pushing a fan"s father down stairs at the Hyatt Regency hotel and Bieber allegedly likening a WA girl to a "beached whale". To add further fuel to the controversies surrounding the 20-year-old,Freedman revealed she also encountered Bieber when he was in Perth and was shocked when he dropped her friends" phones in front of their eyes. "Me and my friends took a photo of him and we now know we were in the wrong but we were unaware we weren"t allowed to take a photo of him,"the 19-year-old,who has made the top 12 on Foxtel reality modelling search The Face Australia. "He overreacted quite a lot. He obviously had his posse there,I don"t know what else to call them, and they came over and were a bit rude. Then he dropped all my friends" phones on the floor." Freedman,who is also a Miss Universe WA top 24 finalist and signed to Chadwick"s Perth,added she had originally approached the star with an open mind.