Posted on: 08/29/2013

Australia"s next top role model?

Jennifer Hawkins is proving a notable failure as the most recent host of Australia"s Next Top Model. The successful model and spokeswoman can deliver her scripted lines with professional ease. The former Miss Universe long ago mastered the dark art of product endorsement,with its focus on a polished exterior and cleanly delivered,pre-scripted soundbites,but hosting a television show as artificial and manipulated as the production process may be - is a different and altogether more difficult matter. A flawless smile can get you only so far. The ability to convey empathy,commitment and a sense of intimacy also is required. Whether through her own demands or the parameters set by the producers,Hawkins has a reduced role on season eight of a show that trumpeted her recruitment and has lavished many promotional spots on her catwalk-ready presence. She simply isn"t present for most of each episode,often making a brief pre-recorded appearance to set up the hour"s narrative and then returning for the final judging of the young women competing for the winner"s modelling contract.