Posted on: 11/26/2013

Former Calvin Klein model

The 31-year-old Northern Irish actor modestly underplayed his own good looks and admits that he saw it as a stepping stone to his dream job as a silver screen star. "It was a fluke. I"m not the best-looking guy who was doing that job. I just got lucky,"despite appearing in high-profile and racy campaigns with Eva Medes. "I knew I wanted to act and was always trying to find my way into it,"he went on. "But there were always other distractions. I was still involved in modelling contracts and still mucking around trying to be in a band. I always knew I wanted to purely be an actor though." His dreams have certainly come true as he will play the lead role of Christian Grey in the 2015 film adaptation of the EL James novel,which will be directed by acclaimed artist and director Sam Taylor-Johnson.