Posted on: 11/08/2014

"Americas Next Top Model" recap

he remaining seven Americas Next Top Model contestants pack their bags for emerging fashion market South Korea, and the first two minutes of the episode are packed with drama. Lenox throws shade at comeback girl Chantelle, whos trying-and failing-to flirt with Denzel. Shei and Adam get smoochy in the confessional, and we see foreshadowing of Adams drinking problem. For a few of the models, this is their first trip outside America. Their introduction to South Korean culture is meeting K-pop boy band BtoB (Born to Beat), who will teach them choreography theyll later perform in front of a live street audience. antm-week12_raelia-kpopLenox gives it a good try, but even Miss J says it was hard to watch: "Instead of it being K-pop, it was K-fizzle." Adam turns in a weak performance after partying too hard on the plane. Raelia walks away with the win, but last weeks panel winner Chantelle gets first dibs on a bed at their new Seoul home, a beautiful apartment decorated with everyones best photos. Adams crabby because he earned a low challenge score and has to sleep on the couch. The guys and girls are ready to hit the hay after a long day of traveling, but Adam starts slamming more booze, prompting unwanted feedback from his roommates about his drinking. After their 8:15 a.m. wake-up call, Adam is struggling. He posits alcohol is a good-luck charm: hes been drinking during the entire competition, and is still around, therefore its a superstition. Because logic. The contestants prep to model MCM bags, and Tyra pops in to help with makeup. (The cynical viewer in me assumes the producers tipped her off about Adam.) The party boy falls apart on set. Yu Tsai is frustrated: "Teaching [Adam] to model is like eaten ramen with one chopstick," he says. "Good luck." Tyra cant believe the contrast between last weeks energy and this weeks lethargy. During the shoot, Keith and Tsai butt heads again. Tsai warns if Keith cant take down the emotional wall hes put up, he will not stay on in the competition. Photographer Erik Asla gives him a pep talk afterward, and assures Keith he is improving. At panel, Tyra starts fishing to find out what was wrong with Adam at the shoot. "Something was not connecting � it was like you were drunk or jet-lagged." But all the judges like the final pic and he earns decent scores. anel is overwhelmed by Wills photo, and Miss J gives him a 10 right off the bat. "This, to me, is everything," Kelly says. "Theres not one bad thing I can find to say." He earns unanimous 10s, but Keiths challenge scores boost him above Will to win this weeks best photo. Tyra chides Adam about his drinking-she can smell it on his breath!-but its Chantelle and Raelia who wind up in the bottom two. (Wait, so after all that DARE bullshit, he gets away with a wink from Tyra? Ive been had by the editors again!) antm-week12_raelia-mcmUltimately, Chantelles special look saves her, and bubbly Raelia, whom the client called too sexy for the brand, goes home.