Posted on: 03/02/2013

People Are Complaining That This Model For Banana Republic"s "Mad Men" Line Is Way Too Skinny

While "Mad Man" the TV series is known for highlighting women with hourglass figures, "Mad Men" the clothing line at Banana Republic is getting flack for being promoted with thin models wearing dresses Christina Hendricks would never fit into. Angry consumers have taken to Banana Republic"s Facebook page to complain: "That model is too skinny!!" and "Not loving the bony girl! Have you people watched mad men? Nobody looks like that. Thanks preppy brand for once again reminding regular girls that they just are not skinny enough. Cute print though." Coco Rocha modeled the line, and she has actually made headlines in the past for being "too fat." The model says that she has been rejected from runway shows for being a size six. But the issue shouldn"t be about whether Rocha is "too skinny" or not, but rather if that depiction best captures the message of the "Mad Men" line. Charlotte Cowles at The Cut notes, "One of the major reasons why everyone loves designer Janie Bryant"s taste so much is that she makes womanly figures like that of Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan Harris, look so fabulous. For Banana Republic to show Banana Republic Bryant"s collection on a runway-size model, no matter how lovely and healthy she is in real life, seems like a wasted opportunity." Rocha, however, defended the shoot to Entertainment Weekly. Her argument is that the photographer was going for a Twiggy (thin "60s icon) look rather than the Joan Harris "Mad Men" effect. "It was fascinating because we also shot in a style that was heavily used in 60s photos, and Ive never shot in that kind of framing before," she said. "Its a Twiggy sort of style where the [models" faces are angled] forward, and their bodies look smaller. I think we really got the essence of a 60s campaign."