Posted on: 02/07/2017

Miranda keer on Kendall and Gigis career

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid"s modeling careers have been a point of contention in the modeling industry for a while now.The whole "supermodel" debate famously kicked off when Rebecca Romijn and Janice Dickinson stated the two "are not true supermodels" and Stephanie Seymour went as far as to say they were nothing more than "b*tches of the moment." In summation, the argument goes that the duo"s successful careers are merely a case of nepotism gone rife.On the other side of the fence, Marc Jacobs and Tyra Banks have defended the girls" hard work and dedication, stating they have earned their supermodel stripes.Now Miranda Kerr, has weighed in on their respective careers and her response might surprise you. Rather than tearing into Jenner and Hadid"s position in the fashion world, Kerr commends their diverse skill sets."They"re doing so well. It"s great to see them out there and being so versatile," Kerr tells PopSugar, stating such variety is becoming increasingly important in the industry."What I love is being able to do commercials and then editorials. I feel like there is so much more of that these days," Miranda says of the next generation in modeling."Back in the day, it was either you"re an editorial model or a commercial model. There was less crossover and it"s nice to see that now. I encourage that because it doesn"t feel good to ever be pigeonholed. It"s good to do commercial and editorial because it shows a lot of versatility."So there you have it, Miranda Kerr not only approves of Jenner and Hadid, but also thinks they should keep doing what they are already doing as that"s where the future of modeling is headed.