Posted on: 08/21/2013

Australia"s Next Top Model recap

After all the madness of stranglegate last week,we"re back to some degree of normalcy this week at least as normal as things can be in the Top Model house. The girls get back to the model mansion and find a letter from Taylah post-disqualification. She tells Ashley in the letter that it"s not her fault and not to blame herself but again stops short of actually apologising. Ducky reminds us in true Top Model spirit that if Taylah hadn"t been disqualified,she might not still be sitting here herself! The girls head to the head office of fashion label Manning Cartel,and after Jen name-drops Manning Cartel another 10 times,she tells the girls it"s time for a crash course in catwalk. The ever-articulate Abbie tells us that "walking is one the things I wanna have as a major in my career." I would have thought walking was one thing you"d want to have down pat in your day-to-day life,Abbie. I suppose they do say that true geniuses struggle with the more mundane facets of everyday life such as,er,basic motor skills. Melissa reminds us to stand up straight and don"t fall over. Good call. Self-confessed non-fashionista Ashley points her hands out awkwardly while she walks,and Shannon trips up twice as Jen and designer Gabrielle Manning struggle to come up with original material for each of the nine girls. Despite Dajana"s self-proclaimed "fierce" strut,Abbie and Shanali come out on top in today"s lesson.