Posted on: 12/22/2014

Next Top Model"s "fiercest" judge design star Alex

Next Top Model"s fiercest judge design star Alex Perry flat out in Singapore for creative project AUSTRALIAS Next Top Models fiercest judge, design star Alex Perry has been spreading the love in Singapore with the news that he has been flat out shooting Asias Next Top Model as the shows creative director. Perry role on the Asian model quest show gives him even more airtime than the local version and it may screen on Foxtel here in March before Australias Next Top Model starts. Meanwhile he has been having a ball shooting it. "The girls are really great and they come from countries throughout Asia," he says, "there is even an Australian Filipino girl who is gorgeous and weve had lots of Australians over including Jez Smith and Nicole Bentley to shoot the girls." According to Perry, unlike Australia where everyone is obsessed with the skinny models issue on Asias Next Top Model, people are much more accepting of different shapes. "We have a lot of girls who are size 6 because Asian models are typically smaller builds but there is also some more curvy Filipino models at size 10 and thats perfectly fine as well," he explains. The one thing that doesnt change however is the size restrictions. Perry maintains that for a model to work internationally, she has to be at least the height of Miranda Kerr, who is around 175 centimetres. "There is probably one in a million girls who can get away with being smaller than that but they really have to be exceptional". Perry flies back into town this week to spend Greek Christmas with his family before returning to Singapore in January to shoot the finale of the show. Its a particularly poignant time of year for him as he will soon mark the first anniversary of the death of his dear friend and fellow ANTM judge, Charlotte Dawson. "I think of Charlotte all the time," he reveals, ``but what is really fantastic is the impression that she made on other people around the world who saw footage of her on television. When we have been shooting Asias Next Top Model, its awesome the number of people among the international crew who ask about her."