Posted on: 04/25/2013

Crystal Renn stressed by modelling career

Crystal Renn use to rely on a prayer book at the start of her modelling career.The Hungarian model was just 16 when upped sticks to New York to pursue her fashion dream and made sure to note down all her life plans to help accomplish her goal. However,the stress of the industry resulted in her battling anorexia and Crystal found herself scared of what would happen next,which caused her to destroy the book. When I first moved into a model apartment,it was so loud with the girls laughing and chatting all the time. I actually started a prayer book about what I wanted to accomplish,how I saw my life. I got so upset once that I burned it. It was so stupid! "I was really sick then. When I was getting better,I realised, "This is not me". I"m just glad my experiences have been able to touch some people. These are issues find very difficult to talk about,and it was like therapy. I"m a soul and have a back history. The eating thing is not the be all and end all. I"m not always thinking about my weight,but I do think me experiences make it easy for people to connect to me,and I want them to. I had a dream and a goal,and people laughed at me when I told them,I"m going to be healthy and be a supermodel.