Posted on: 03/17/2016

Teen model with Down syndrome stars in bridal shoo

In the blog on Staurts website, her mother writes about how it all started: They were at a "fashion parade" and "Maddy" said she wanted to be a model. Months later they went to a professional photographer and the results, she writes, were "stunning. � I consulted with parents with children living with Down syndrome before doing anything. I wanted to know what people thought about what we were doing and if the photos were too controversial; however, the feedback was phenomenal. People said the photos were in great taste and I should post them all over the world. So that is what I did." Since then, Stuarts career has skyrocketed, and a recent bridal gown photo shoot is becoming an Internet sensation. The photos were taken by Sarah Houston at Rixey Manor in Virginia, a popular wedding destination. "Madeline Stuart is taking the world by storm and breaking down barriers. Shes incredibly talented, super sweet and full of amazing joy/energy," Houston writes on her blog. "She proved that you dont have to be the typical 59 skinny bride that graces every bridal magazine and blog. � She rocked the heck out of this shoot!" In February, she appeared at New York Fashion Week, modeling a wintry collection for Lulu et Gigi, a luxury childrens fashion brand.