Posted on: 05/18/2013

Singapore Fashion Week

There are plenty of emerging Singapore-based fashion labels,but maybe not one so well-supported as the less than a-year old Zardoze,which showed its second ready to wear collection Friday at Audi"s Fashion Festival Singapore. Zhi Gang and Rangel lead a team of designers purposefully plucked from around the world. "Because Singapore is a multicultural society,we wanted a team of multicultural designers,They come from so many different backgrounds with so many different experiences,so with each collection we tell a different story. While the design still has a long way to go�Friday"s collections were heavy on vision,light on execution�Zardoze"s approach to the business is unique in that theres a longterm goal: to build not just a brand,but a money-making one at that. Give them a few years. If success is in the cards,it will indeed be smashing.