Posted on: 02/26/2015

Model agent Anne Morgan: "I do not allow diets

Model agent Anne Morgan: "I do not allow diets at all" I love Kate Moss because I think she was just so different when she came along in that 1990s supermodel era; they were all quite classic beauties and quite sexy. But Kate came along and she was really different looking and she was smaller and she turned the industry around," says Anne Morgan, one model agent who is acutely aware of the power and appeal of standing out. In fact, Anne created her modelling agency, Distinct Model Management, to cater specifically for high fashion and unique Irish models. "I love really defined and unusual features; bigger eyes or ears or a gap in the teeth," she tells me. "I suppose I like to champion the people who might not have been told in school that they were beautiful, but who there is something really unique and distinct about. "The main criteria is that they be over 5"8" and for the guys it would be over 6ft," Anne adds. "And obviously if they come in with loads of fake tan on I will look at them and think "I don"t know if this is going to work!" If they come in like a blank canvas, it is just so much easier to see who you are going to work with." Anne"s transition to model agent was down to instinct rather than ambition at first. She freely admits it was something that she "fell into". Originally from Leixlip in Co Kildare, Anne has lived in Dalkey for the last 20 years. She started out in the industry by modelling part-time, while studying for a degree in psychology, but describes her own fleeting experience as "daunting". "I did a beauty pageant when I was about 21. I didn"t want to do it, I never had an interest in modelling at all. "The pageant was for Miss Ireland, but I didn"t get through, which was probably a good thing because I was quite traumatised having to walk out in a bikini as I had never done that before! From there I just got some shots done and went into an agency and they took me on." Anne never felt truly comfortable in front of the camera, but over time found that she had a keen eye for scouting models. "I was asked to be on the judging panel of Elite Model Look - a model search they do in a number of different countries, which had come to Ireland," Anne explains. unusual "So we got to go around the country and meet all of these new faces. It was only really then that I started to see these really unusual looking girls; really natural, very tall; the type that I had always seen in magazines or when I was watching international high fashion shows.