Posted on: 01/09/2013

Model Daisy Lowe says "being skinny doesn"t suit me"

DAISY Lowe has opened up about the pressures to be thinner in her industry but says that being skinny doesn"t suit her body. Speaking to Grazia magazine UK in the latest issue, the 24-year-old says that unlike a lot of models shes not interested in giving in to the pressure and become super thin. "There have definitely been moments when I have been very upset at some shoot when the clothes didnt fit, and you feel horrendous about yourself," the British model tells the mag. "I can sit here and say "I love being curvy" but of course there are pressures to be thinner. Stick you next to a fifteen year old Russian model doing the shows and these look like thunder thighs!" The brunette beauty, whos mother is model Pearl Lowe and father is rocker Gavin Rossdale, has made a name for herself as a standout in the fashion world, having modelled for everyone from Chanel to Biba and Vivienne Westwood. In 2011 she also appeared topless in Esquire magazine and naked on the cover of Playboy. Asked if she ever diets, Lowe responded: "I just like food too much - it is one of the great pleasures", adding that after splitting with her boyfriend of three years at the age of 20 she lost her appetite. "I looked like a lollipop. It was horrible. My boobs went and I have never felt less feminine. It doesn"t suit me. "My complete being is the opposite [of skinny]. I am quite maternal, I love to bake, I love all that homely thing", the healthy-looking model added.