Posted on: 02/03/2015

Croatian Model Stabs Identical Twin Sister

Croatian Model Stabs Identical Twin Sister Over a Guy A Croatian model stabbed her identical twin sister because she was jealous of her relationship with a man they both liked. Sara Grkovic, 22, has been arrested after she stabbed sister Dajana with a kitchen knife, They both lived with their divorced mother in the northern Croatian port city of Rijeka. Their mother was out of town for work when the incident happened on Saturday. "They were always immaculately groomed and polite, and as alike as two peas in a pod," one neighbor told a local TV station, according to Central European News. "I never knew which one was passing me in the corridor but they always said hello." The neighbor didn"t see the girls together that often. "Both of them were stunning," she said. "I don"t think they worried about competition from other women, but they were certainly jealous of each other." Despite the sibling rivalry, the neighbor is still shocked over the violent incident. "They were apparently arguing about a man that they both liked. He seems to have settled down in a relationship with Dajana, and Sara was not happy about it," she said. "I never would have thought it would come to her trying to kill her sister though." Dajana is currently stable condition in the intensive care ward at a local hospital with a deep wound to her chest and to her thigh.