Posted on: 06/05/2013

Coe Hill youth pursues modelling career

Brittany Hass recently was invited to take part in the 21st annual Canadian Model and Talent Convention that took place in Toronto from April 23-27. Over 200 young hopefuls took part in the convention from across Canada talent scouts from as far away as Tokyo. Since attending the convention,her family and friends have described her as much less shy. Brittany admits that the convention has helped to bring her out of her shell. "I see myself in a different light and appreciate. "I now have the confidence to do what I love,to feel comfortable with myself and stopped worrying about what people think of me." When she was younger her mother Brenda she would pretend to be a model staging fashion shows in the living room for the family. Now she has made her way up to the runway. "A lot of people recommended that I try modelling for a long time. "Once I tried it I loved it and I was hooked". Brittany that her passion for modelling really began after participating in an 18 week course in modelling taught by the Mode Elle modelling school in Belleville. Her talents also shine while enjoying other favourite activities like figure skating and gymnastics. For the last four years she has been volunteering with young skaters in the Can Skate program as a program assistant. It is important to Brittany that she uses her talents to help others. "I would like to eventually be able to use my modelling career to help people in need from the community take part in figure skating and the gymnastics club. Throughout her training she has learned many lessons. Most importantly according to Hass is to be yourself,be happy, have fun,and to like yourself for who you are and not what other people want you to be. "Always be yourself because people want to see your own personality not someone else"s personality played by you". The aspiring model is already booked July and August and is eagerly awaiting her first professional contract.