Posted on: 04/03/2015

Yes, this male model is a math teacher

Yes, this male model is a math teacher and has a Ph.D. in engineering Back in my randy Catholic-girls-school days, it didnt take a lot for a math teacher to be considered "hot." A man of the calculus could wear a pocket protector and still provoke some desire, so long as he had a full head of hair or (note "or," not "and") was under the age of 30 or his Dockers Chinos hung pretty well over his rear parabolas. But 26-year-old Pietro Boselli is on a different plane. The university lecturer-turned-Internet sensation is being called the "hottest math teacher in the world." According to his LinkedIn profile, Boselli received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering in 2014 from University College London and was a lecturer at the college until last month. One of Bosellis students discovered his modeling career when he Googled his teacher. He then posted side-by-side pictures of Boselli in the classroom working out some equations and one of him looking shirtless and hunky. Boselli, who is currently repped by Models 1, appears in a recent campaign for Equinox holding a radiator (yep, its really that literal - hey, nothing says sexy like radiator heating, as any New York renter will tell you), and his Instagram is chock-full of selfies at once sexy and awkward.