Posted on: 07/11/2013

Androgynous Swiss model,new catwalk star

Model Tamy Glauser,with a shaven head since chopping off her "pretty" long locks six years ago offers an impromptu demonstration of two very different catwalk techniques.First,her arms swinging and body rocking slightly from side to side,she strides along jauntily looking every inch the latest in skinny,edgy,male fashion. Then,with nothing more than a haughty toss of her bare head,shoulders back,hips forward,eyes smouldering,she is suddenly feline and super-feminine. At 28,Glauser would once have been regarded as past it by the modelling industry. Now you can be super weird and look amazing in pictures so that"s why they push on that to get more personality."It"s a different time,but fashion is a circle we"re going to come back to the 90s for sure". For Glauser,who describes herself as a free spirit who can"t stay in one place for long,it is an opportunity to live a life that suits her better than being an undergraduate. The fashion world is very different,completely another planet but that"s why I feel so comfortable