Posted on: 12/17/2014

Beauty Li-Ann proves to be the model

Earlier this year, the 20-year-old was hired by Burberry for a store opening in China where she spent time partying with actress and fellow model Cara Delevingne. But life has been a little less glamorous for the Greystones native since then. "At the moment I"m studying psychology in Trinity so modelling has taken a bit of a back seat," she said. "I"ll continue to work in Ireland and go overseas if I"m free and it"s a big job. "But it"s nice to have a balance between college and work, because modelling full-time can be very overwhelming." Li-Ann may even draw from her experience of the fashion industry for her studies. "I was thinking I might do my thesis on the industry and how it affects young models, because psychologically it can be draining," she told Hot Press. "I"m only in first year, though, so we"ll see." Li-Ann was chosen by Burberry to travel to Shanghai to open a store in the city earlier this year and spent time with Delevingne. enviable "We were all hanging out at the after-party, which was great because it was an intimate thing at the hotel - there weren"t any photographers," said Li-Ann. "Cara"s career is enviable and I like that she doesn"t put modelling first. "She wants to be an actress, and in that respect I admire her. I don"t think that modelling should be the be-all and end-all of anyone"s life because it is very short-lived." Li-Ann"s mum is from Malaysia. "We try to go there every five years or so," she said. "My granny and cousins are over there, so it"s really nice to get across." Regarding her Oriental looks, Li-Ann said Irish people should be happy with their own appearance. "Over here we all want fake tan - no one is ever content with what they have," she said. "It"s sad, really, because I think people should be happy in their own skin."