Posted on: 05/14/2016

Move over Derek Zoolander! Model makes

Move over Derek Zoolander! Model makes an incredible 25 poses in 29 SECONDS in a video for a photo shoot sweeping the net This video brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "strike a pose". This mesmerising footage shows male model Filip Timotijevic, from Belgrade, Serbia, creating a whopping 25 different stances in just 29 seconds during a fashion photo shoot. The 23-year-old, known as the "catalogue king", posted the video on his Facebook where he claims it got 4 million views before he put it onto YouTube. From pensive serious looks, to a relaxed hand in a pocked and his chin resting on his hand, the male model clearly has some experience in his field. Filip wears a pair of red trousers along with a black jacket and shirt, and his hair is slicked back.