Posted on: 02/21/2013

Ugly Model Agency Recruits Bearded Ladies, Tattoo Artists

Modeling is typically reserved for the fairest of us all, those waif-like angels who just happen to luck out big time in the gene pool. For a London modeling agency, however, that old-school convention that models should be good-looking and fit has been tossed off the catwalk and into the litter box. Ugly Modeling Agency recruits everyone ranging from taxi drivers to little old ladies who want to flaunt their quirks in the spotlight. Bored of the fashion industry and standard model look, two fashion photographers founded the alternative agency in 1969. They placed an ad in a daily London newspaper stating, "Have you got an interesting face? Contact ugly." Now, more than 40 years later, Ugly is one of the larger modeling agencies in the world. So how do they know what kind of "ugly" will fit the bill? "It really varies," owner Marc French said. "I sort of know when someone makes a good ugly model. If they"re comfortable in their own skin they make a good ugly model."