Posted on: 01/09/2015

From class to the catwalk: Alta. model

From class to the catwalk: Alta. model to continue studies from Milan An Alberta teen is taking the trip of a lifetime to pursue her modelling career in Italy, but she"s not going to let it interrupt her studies back home. Sixteen-year-old Michaela Wallocha has made special arrangements with her high school to continue classes from a distance while she seeks work as a model on a two-month trip to Milan, Italy"s fashion capital. The Coalhurst, Alta. teen started her modelling career doing photo shoots in Calgary and Toronto, including a fashion spread in Calgary"s "Branded" magazine. "That was the most I"ve ever done, the biggest thing so far," she told on Wednesday. "Other than the trip that I"m doing." That work put her on the radar for modelling agents, and landed her a two-month trip to Milan to audition for jobs and meet casting agents. But she won"t be leaving her studies behind. Wallocha will take long-distance courses in social studies and new media while she"s in Milan, thanks to a special accommodation from Coalhurst High School. Wallocha says she is particularly excited to take the new media course, which will allow her to practice her photography skills. "I"m having all this experience in front of the camera, so I"m going to try to get more experience behind the camera so I can see how everything works". Coalhurst High School"s vice-principal says teachers will make themselves available, through email and Skype, so Wallocha can pursue her dreams abroad. "We"re looking at how we can accommodate, and how we can use technology so that she can be away from school but also be able to keep up with the rigour of her high school academics," said vice-principal Shannon Collier. As for Wallocha"s parents, they say they support their daughter and hope she stays safe while she"s away. "She makes being a parent easy," said Wallocha"s father, Norbert. He says he"s proud of her, and excited that she has the opportunity to get an early start on her modelling career at the young age of 16.