Posted on: 08/07/2013

Anna puts catwalk days behind her

The Ireland am host first made waves as a young model but has since gone on to carve out a career for herself and the mum of two that she was never serious about becoming a clothes horse. Anna still steps in front of the camera for the odd promotional shoot and recently showed off her impressive post-baby figure when she modelled the brand new Seat model. "It was grand for something on the side when I was in school and college but that"s about it,"Anna the Diary. "Modelling can be very tough,to look a certain way all of the time,and I"m very happy. The Dubliner gave birth to baby Euan at the end of April and already has son,James,who turns two this month,with husband Ben Ward. Anna will return to the helm of Ireland am in September after six months on maternity leave.