Posted on: 06/24/2013

Chennai International Fashion Week from July 5

Fashion meets art at the fifth edition of the Chennai International Fashion Week. Right on schedule,the much anticipated event for the city"s fashion forward will be held between July 5 and 7,organised by Kingfisher Premium in collaboration with the Storm Fashion Company. Gaurav Sharma,CEO,Storm Fashion ,Apart from the top designers showcasing their designs this year,we have a European artist who will be putting up fashion and art installations at the venue. These will include paintings,graphic art printed on canvas as well as bronze and glass sculptures that will be on display at the Hyatt Regency"s ballroom where the three-day extravaganza will take place. It was announced that over 10 Indian designers will showcase their designs including Rocky S,Krishna Mehta,Monapalli and Aslam Khan. And for a glimpse of what is to come,Chennai-based designers Julie Verghese and Nazia Syed offered a brief preview of their collections. Brand ambassadors,actors Tanvi Vyas and Ganesh Venkatraman were also present. "I started off as a model,"recalled Venkatraman. "So this is exciting for me."Incidentally,while on set for his recently released Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru,he reveals: I gave a lot of input for costume for my role in the movie." Dressed in navy-style cream vest and trousers with a sharply contrasting dark blue shirt � the actor certainly looked his best at the event. He smiled at the compliment,That"s one of the perks of being an actor,every time you travel for a shoot you get to shop.