Posted on: 11/12/2014

Andreja Pejic And The Rise Of Transgender Models

Andreja Pejic, one of the worlds most beautiful women, is now making a documentary to catalog her modeling career and transition from boyhood to androgyny to womanhood. "I knew I was different from an early age," says Pejic, a radiant 61″ blonde who was assigned male at birth. "When childhood ended I had to suppress feminine characteristics and try and be a boy. I didnt want to grow up at all because it meant becoming someone else. People ask you if you are gay but no one says you could be trans." Pejic is currently raising funds for Andrej(a), a film that will track her journey. She is hoping to raise some $100,000 through Kickstarter, with the aim of submitting the film to festivals. Born in Tuzla, Bosnia, just before the Bosnian war, Pejics mother and elder brother were granted refugee status to Australia when Pejic was 8. Scouted by an agent on New Years Eve in 2007 while working at a McDonalds in Melbourne, Pejic finished high school before heading to Europe to look for work. "I struggled to find an agency in London because no one knew whether they should put me in the mens board or the womens board," Pejic recalls, speaking over the phone from her agency in New York. "There was a lot of uncertainty about my commercial viability."