Posted on: 12/10/2015

Multitasking With Model Mariacarla Boscono

Multitasking With Model Mariacarla Boscono Fresh-faced as she trots through a room filled with photographs of herself at BLK DNMs Lafayette Street flagship, Mariacarla Boscono hides her jet lag very well. Buffeted by a constant stream of vibrato Italian phrases, the model and Rome native admits, between double-kissing the cheeks of guests, that she may even have a slight fever - but suffice it to say that you would never be able to tell. The Givenchy runway staple and muse is sleek and effervescent in person, which is exactly how she looks in the portrait series that were here to celebrate, which she creative-directed, styled, and curated herself, editing the hundreds of photographs down to seven. As a brand, BLK DNM is known for wild postings, papering the streets of downtown New York with advertising that prominently featured only the rear view of (typically topless) models like Gisele B´┐Żndchen and Frankie Rayder. This is the first time that the images have revealed the models face. "I have a face [in the pictures]. So I say, Fantastic! My face looks like an ass! " says Boscono, laughing. "It was about an iconic image. And I related to the brand. It is stylish and simple and I think everyone could have this jacket." As for the actual shooting process? Without a difficult schedule or an intricate set, it only took a few hours. "It was the most easy thing in the world. I relate to the clothes because I would wear this every day," she says. In the black-and-white images, Boscono makes the case for pared-back wardrobe basics, and BLK DNM has long been making moves to corner the market when it comes to the quintessential model-off-duty uniform: a loose white tee, black skinny jeans, teetering heels, and of course, that black moto jacket. "The only thing is that I would mix it more with vintage stuff," says Boscono. "But I will always wear a jacket. I would never take away my boots and leather jacket, even in summer." And forget about an It bag-or really, any type of bag-that jacket also serves as her change purse. "My jacket has to have pockets because I dont like to have a bag. I just carry [my] phone and money-its enough, its what you need." Style advice was similarly straightforward: "Wear something that makes you feel good and comfortable. Never wear a dress that is too tight or too long-youre going to have a shit night," she says, with the air of someone who would know. "Like, I love the shoes but they hurt my feet! Fuck that! You have to be comfortable in your clothes to have fun," said Boscono, who slipped back into the party flanked by well-wishers, photographers, and fellow models, and looked every inch the expert in having fun.