Posted on: 05/13/2013

Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is celebrating his 27th birthday on May 13 2013 have it that things are planned down pat for a grand party his girlfriend,Kristen Stewart has prepared for the British hunk. From singing with their new set of karaoke to hitting the waters and spending time with their common friends,all is set for the birthday celebrant.No details have emerged as to how and where the couple is celebrating Rob"s birthday. They were last seen heading to JFK airport from New York City on May 8. But you know when Robert are in town. Screams of their millions of tween fans could be heard blocks away as seen when Rob and Kristen are fulfilling their promotional duties. Post-Twilight screams may have gone a little quieter,but you can see still see them,so loud,in all of the photos released by their millions of fans who have been following their every move. It will not be much of a surprise to see Twihards breaking the news of Rob"s 27th birthday. They have remained solid since they began to follow his career when Rob began with the first installment of the Twilight series.