Posted on: 11/03/2014

Inside Pyongyang"s annual fashion show

North Korea has one of the most tightly-controlled regimes in the world and a widely condemned human rights record. On the basis of the above, it may come as a surprise to learn the isolated state also holds an annual fashion show, which one foreign photographer decided to attend. Singapore-based Aram Pan has been granted unprecedented access to the notoriously secretive state four times since August 2013. For his project DPRK 360, Mr Pan, 38, has filmed 360-degree panoramic views of North Korea, taken images of flights on the North Korean civil carrier, eaten traditional street-food cuisine, interacted with locals and recently attended a fashion show in the capital. His project aims to "demystify" North Korea by creating a small window into the world of one of the few countries still existing under communist rule. Mr Pan"s last trip involved attending the 12th Pyongyang Fashion Exhibition held in September, where models could be seen walking down catwalks and showcasing the latest trends. Mr Pan said he was surprised at the boundary-pushing Western-style clothing appearing alongside traditional North Korean dress.