Posted on: 02/14/2015

Meet Lucky Blue, The 16-Year-Old Male Model

Meet Lucky Blue, The 16-Year-Old Male Model With White Hair That Everybodys Talking About New York Fashion Week is in full swing and our phones, computers and feeds are being inundated with photos of celebrities looking insanely glamorous siting front row (hello Beyonce), tons of blogger selfies, gorgeous model pictures, and the occasional hilarious fashion week moment. If you just want to focus on the models, the one male model you should definitely be paying attention to is Lucky Blue Smith. (With a name like that, you know he is going to be a star. Lucky Blue is a 16-year-old male model whose unique look (that amazing white hair!) has given him plenty of modeling jobs and Instagram fans already. (He currently has over half a million followers.) According to Teen Vogue, he was first signed by Next Models in LA at 12-years-old when he was still a self-described "punk kid." The six-foot-two model looks a bit like the baby brother of Game Of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen, with a touch of Harry Styles, and a good helping of a cool band member. (It probably isnt surprising to find out that he is actually part of a band, The Atomics, with his three sisters, who also model.) He recently walked the runway for Roberto Cavalli and he is now hard at work at New York Fashion Week. Its brilliant to see another model with a signature look booking major shows and editorials, instead of the usual models who are basically indistinguishable from each other. Even if you cant remember Lucky Blues name, you will definitely remember that pale blonde hair when you see him striding down the runway.