Posted on: 04/13/2013

Cross-gender models a hit on the catwalk

Casey Legler,a 35-year-old retired athlete from France,is taking on the male modelling world after signing with New York"s exclusive Ford agency last year to work as a guy. She is essentially a female version of Pejic,who has found international fame for catwalking high-end womenswear. "Seeing me on the men"s board speaks to the notion of freedom". "There"s something really bold about that,and that it really is saying "look,there is also this other way,and it"s really rad"." Legler,who stands at 188cm,Pejic has had a profound effect on the fashion industry. "Andrej is gorgeous. In many ways,I come ushered in by that". "What I wish is that we all get to be exactly who we are. "And sometimes that"s complicated. We have very specific ways in which we identify ourselves as man or woman and I think that sometimes those can be limiting. "It would be a really beautiful thing if we could all just wear what we wanted without it meaning something."