Posted on: 03/28/2017

Ashley graham gets real honest about body

Ashley Graham is easily one of the most beautiful people on the planet, inside and out � and her latest words of wisdom on bullying and body confidence are just further proof of it.During the Urban Arts Partnership 25th anniversary benefit this week, Graham spoke about how frequently young women approach her to discuss being bullied for their weight, something the supermodel says she completely relates to."Nothing"s actually surprised me," she said, according to People. "I"ve lived exactly what they"re living. I"ve lived the torment of the names. I"ve lived the torment of boyfriends breaking up with me because they were afraid I was going to be too fat later in life. It"s the same cycle, it doesn"t matter what generation we are in. Every kid is going to go through the same thing."But rather than let those idiot exes (seriously, don"t get me started) and other bullies get to her, Ashley instead learned to embrace her curves and to love every inch of her body, even if she isn"t feeling too confident on a particular day."I wake up sometimes and I think "I"m the fattest woman alive" � but it"s really about how you handle it when you wake up," she said. "I look in the mirror and I have my affirmations. And mine are simple. [I say] "You are bold. You are brilliant and you are beautiful." And then if my lower pooch is really puffing out that day, I say "Lower pooch, you are cute". And we have a moment. And if the hips are really popping I say "I love you, too, hips.""When asked the best way to get everyone else up to speed on her important message on body positivity, Ashley was quick to note that society still has a long way to go. However, she added her belief that lifting up more women who embrace their bodies, regardless of their so-called "imperfections," is a good place to start."Having more role models, more women who are like "Yeah, I have cellulite. Yeah, it"s even on my arms, not just my legs. My butt is a really bizarre shape but you know what, whatever, I"m just going to go rock it,"" she said. "I think if we had more role models like that that, that were really just speaking their truth about their body and the skin that they"re in then maybe young America would be different."