Posted on: 01/07/2015

This is how model Lynn Kelly looks on the first

This is how model Lynn Kelly looks on the first Monday of January Despite relaxing from her strict regime, the model looks runway ready. Lynn claimed the Miss Universe Ireland crown in 2008, aged 20, and has enjoyed a prosperous modelling career ever since. The Dubliner credits gruelling sessions in the gym with her chiselled physique and regular TRX and pilates sessions to strengthen and tone. January Selfie not quite Summer Abs but the Wine and Chocolate will do that to u! She also eats a nutritious diet, including lots of green shakes, protein and healthy carbs. Last year, the brunette was subjected to cruel comments about her weight when she uploaded a photo taken backstage at a lingerie show. After over six years working as a model, she refused to be upset by the bullies. "I train at 5.30am every morning before work, when most people are sleeping. When most people are in the pub on the weekend, Im getting an early night so I can look good for my job the next day," she told Independent Style. "I train seven days a week and I consider myself to be very fit, fit more so than skinny, I do have muscle definition in my tummy, arms and legs, and I definitely haven"t got bones protruding." "I think my weight has fluctuated in the last few years, like most women, I struggled for a while to find what worked for me, I tried lots of different kinds of exercises�Ive never been one for fad diets as I love my food way too much, but I think in the last few months I have found what suits me, what foods agree with me and what foods dont," she stated.