Posted on: 04/18/2014

Victoria Secret fashion show to be held in London

Angels Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel said that the US-based annual show will get a new location overseas this fall, "We are pretty excited. we have this great announcement to make. The Victoria"s Secret Fashion Show is the biggest fashion event in the world, for sure, and we"re very proud and honoured to announce that we are headed to London this year. Yes", The Brazilian beauty added, "I"d like to invite Prince Harry, if he would like to come. He definitely has a front row seat." Chief marketing officer, Ed Razek said preparations had been underway. "We start planning the show the day after the last show. We plan for a year. The best time to think about what to do next year is immediately after you finish the show because you see what kind of things you want to do. It"s a full year planning. We"re heavily into the planning now- we"ve got a full day of meetings tomorrow". The show will be held at Earls Court in December and air on CBS at a later date. It was previously held in such cities as Cannes, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City.