Posted on: 01/03/2015

The Best Model Holiday Escapes

The Best Model Holiday Escapes: Kendall Jenner in Dubai and More How was your holiday? Did you spend it nestled under a Christmas tree with your family in your quiet hometown? Or did you attend a festive Ugly Sweater party and immediately regret your sartorial decision? Maybe you took a relaxing staycation and lived off of Seamless leftovers for a week. That"s jolly and all, but have you taken the time to visit your Instagram feed at all? Welcome to the month in which models are enjoying their off-duty time somewhere warm, tropical, and sandy. Take Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who have taken to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to kick off the new year, while Andreaa Diaconu is discovering new superfoods fresh off the Tulum shoreline, and Alessandra Ambrosio is staying hydrated-out of a coconut-in Florian´┐Żpolis, Brazil. Here, see the best model holiday vacations of the season.​