Posted on: 02/06/2015

Kylie Jenner Launching Modeling Career To Compete

Kylie Jenner Launching Modeling Career To Compete With Kendall? The Truth After Kylie"s stunning spread in "Love" magazine, fans couldn"t help but wonder whether a new Kardashian beauty would be hitting the runway soon! Now has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on Kylie"s potential modeling career! Kylie Jenner is only 17 but she"s quickly becoming a style and beauty icon, just like her big sister Kendall Jenner! After her much buzzed-about blonde makeover in Love magazine, we have to ask: Is Kylie interested in becoming a model and if so, can she really compete with her super successful sister Kendall? Kylie Jenner, Model? - She May Launch Modeling Career To Compete With Kendall False alarm, Kardashian fans! Kylie is known as the "edgy" Kardashian sister and she wants to keep it that way! "Kylie has never been interesting in modeling as she feels like that is Kendall"s thing," a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. "Still, she will do it from time to time if offered especially if it is artistic and cutting edge. She"s not interested in doing the standard fashion magazine shoot." We love that Kylie wants to continue doing her own thing. She definitely marches - and models - to the beat of a different drum than her famous sisters, and we wouldn"t have it any other way!