Posted on: 03/11/2015

Derek Zoolander and male model rival Hansel strut

Derek Zoolander and male model rival Hansel strut catwalk at Paris Fashion Week Derek Zoolander and male model rival Hansel have made catwalk appearances for Valentino"s show at the Paris Fashion Week, setting off a surprised roar of applause and laughter. US actors Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, the stars of the 2001 movie Zoolander that poked fun at the fashion world, raised the roof when they stepped back into their comic roles at the end of Valentino"s real-life autumn-winter women"s collection. Stiller even recreated the trademark Blue Steel surprised duck-face look of his character for the chuckling photographers gathered at the venue in the gardens in front of the Louvre museum. The unexpected stunt was to promote the Zoolander sequel, which is due to come out in early 2016. For the record, Stiller was impeccably dressed in a dark marine suit with tie overlaid with a dark wide-collared overcoat embroidered with butterflies, and black shoes.Wilson turned up in light blue pyjamas, a sky-blue coat draped over his shoulders, and sneakers.Both men stepped out in confident male-model mode, to pose in front of the cameras, then headed off the catwalk while dropping their overcoats in a perfect parody of supermodels. Stiller paused to grab a spectator"s smartphone and take a selfie on stage.