Posted on: 05/31/2013

wheelchair athlete aims for a modelling career

As Canada"s youngest female wheelchair rugby player,the bubbly 20-year-old from Coquitlam who suffered a spinal cord injury five years ago is no stranger to breaking down barriers. Now Kruger hopes to temporarily trade in her rugby bruises for the runway as she tries to become one of the world"s first quadriplegic models. The tough questions she faced after her injury,however,made Kruger realize wanted to inspire other disabled women to understand that living in a wheelchair doesn"t mean their lives are over. Being a part of the fashion world,an industry not known for embracing those who don"t fit the typical model . Arley McNeney,spokeswoman for the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association,many women fear they won"t be able to play sports,or get married and have children,after they suffer a spinal injury.